Picasso exhibition planned for Tate Modern in 2018

Picasso exhibition planned at Tate Modern in 2018

Without doubt its a painting with a colourful history – Pablo Picasso’s mistress in portrait, then sold for a record £102 million, and this was after a Las Vegas hotel mogul accidentally put his elbow through it.

In 2018 people will be able to view Le Rêve (The Dream) in the flesh for the first time as it will be going on display at the Tate modern in a blockbuster London exhibition in 2018.

It is penned to draw huge crowds and will be focused on the time when Pable Picasso was at the height of his powers.

It has been described by the Tate as one of the most significant shows in its history, will focus on the year 1932 and will feature over 100 amazing paintings, drawings and sculptures

Marie-Therese Walter was Picasso’s young mistress. She is the subject of Le Reve and was 28 years Picasso’s junior. He managed to have an affair with her while tending to his wife Olga and also his young son Paulo.

The painting was previously damaged by its owner Steve Wynn in the USA. He cunningly put his elbow through it (just how can you do that to a Picasso?) while showing it off to his buddies.
It was professionally repaired as you would expect and the damage is allegedly invisible unless a magnifying glass or better is used. It was then bought by a wealthy Hedge fund manager Steve Cohen for a whopping $155million in 2006. That was a record price at that time for Picassos works.

It was previously owned by Steve Wynn, the billionaire hotel owner. In 2006, he put his elbow through the canvas while showing it off to friends. It was repaired – the damage is said to be invisible to the naked eye – and bought by Steve A Cohen, a hedge fund manager, for an artist’s record of $155 million (then £102 million) in 2006.

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