Exhibitions – Top 10 reasons for using trade shows and exhibitions.

10 reasons that you should use exhibitions Exhibitions and Trade Shows provide excellent interactive marketing platforms and when combined with Internet or email marketing offer a 360 degree communications channel to your new and existing customers.
In the current economic slowdown exhibitions (live events) and online come into their own because not only are they effective but perhaps even more importantly they are completely measurable.

1 / This is true ‘permission’ marketing

TV, radio and magazines are classed as interruption marketing. Eg/ You didn’t ask them to be there With exhibitions and/or events the person has made the choice to come and see your products, you are already in a strong position in an exhibition road show scenario.

Time is every humans most precious commodity, even if they do not appear to realise it. When a customer visits an exhibition they are already prepared and primed to buy.

Any other form of advertising is opportunistic although digital marketing has some similarities but potential customers still have a far higher dropout rate after visiting a website.

2/ Having a Conversation is the best way to make the sale

Many other forms of marketing can work and indeed aim to communicate the desired message to customers or prospects.

However Exhibitions in London or elsewhere go much further than this and actually allow businesses to engage their customers in conversation, generate some rapport and very often make sales.

3/ Face to face is the best way to do business

Humans are social creatures. Exhibitions allow face to face interaction between seller and buyer and this allows rapport and trust to develop naturally.

This naturally means that an exhibition environment is a very good place to make sales and get your companies name out there.

4/ Lots of buyers are in attendance at exhibitionsbusy exhibition

Statistics show that over 3/4 of visitors to trade shows and exhibition roadshows have buying responsibility for their company. It is usually a good day out for buyers at companies as well as being a product source for them.

Many of them solely use trade shows and of course the  internet to source suppliers. Cold calling is rarely done when there are easier ways to find suppliers in 2017!

5/ Trade shows create brand awareness and trust

Consumer exhibitions are a great place to get brand awareness and generate talk among buyers. pr campaignWhen combined effectively with internet marketing this can be a massive factor in increased sales, sometimes exponentially when the viral effect is created and becomes self sustaining. When you combine this with digital marketing services from companies like SEO Leaders you can create a massive dynamic effect that means you can literally boost your brand into the stratosphere!

6/ Fulfilling other marketing and sales related objectives

This type of trade exhibition is very effective in delivering under a number of key areas. It can be used to meet sales and marketing targets, for entertaining existing clients, market research and product proving, recruiting, brand building etc Read more about exhibitions and trade shows here

7/ Making a big impact through good PR

What goes on at exhibitions is the fuel for tomorrows news stories and industry ‘hot gossip’. A good story can make it to TV, radio, and the papers and beyond.PR toolkit

Try and be in it by using a good PR company and effective marketing techniques. Be your own best brand ambassador and make awareness yourself. You can find some great articles and guides on exhibition planning in the exhibition news section of the site.

8/ ExhIbitions and events compliment and compete with other types of Media.

TV advertising is very expensive and only well funded companies really have access to it.

For reaching consumers a well promoted exhibition in London or another big city can be a massive boost to short and long term sales. Particularly if as mentioned, this is leverages with very savvy internet marketing to capitalise on exposure gained at the event level.

9/ Offers a great industry snapshot

As well as the other benefits mentioned, exhibitions and events offer an excellent snapshot to all parties of the marketplace. Pinpoint data can be taken away from such events.industry snapshot

Such as main customer type, buyer intent, buyer views on various companies etc.It also shows companies who their competitors are, what they are offering or doing new, and who is new into the arena.

10/ Exhibitions allow Experiential marketing

This phrase essentially defines ‘experiential marketing’. Businesses want to use this type of marketing to bring their brand alive for consumers. This cannot be done over the internet or a TV advert.experiential-marketing

Indeed even if a brand is in the shops, a person will not necessarily have ever seen it. An exhibition offers the buyer to undertake a journey right up to purchase. ‘I heard it,, smelled it, squished it, tested it, discovered it, loved it –> bought it’

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