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Three artists have been commissioned to create a new work for Exhibition ROAD SHOW.

Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky can be seen outside the Royal Geographical Society on Exhibition Road.

For ROAD SHOW, Glasgow-born artist Katie Paterson has been commissioned by the Royal Borough to create CAMPO DEL CIELO, FIELD OF THE SKY.


Guided by experts at the University College London as well as a plethora of amateur 'meteorite hunters', Paterson has "taken a meteorite that has been travelling through space and time for 4.5 billion years, cast it, melted it, then recast it back into a new version of itself". The new 'space and time altered meteorite' will then be positioned on Exhibition Road where people will be encouraged to gather round and touch.


Erica Burton of Modern Art Oxford describes Paterson’s work as “engaging with the landscape, as a physical entity and as an idea. Drawing on our experience of the natural world, she creates an expanded sense of reality beyond the purely visible.” Paterson has previously collaborated with leading scientists and scientific institutions including the W.M. Keck Observatory and Caltech. Having transposed Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata into morse code, then bounced it off the Moon as a radio wave, laser-etched a map of all 27,000 known dead stars and created a record player which rotates in synchronisation with the earth, she is no stranger to out-of-this-world projects that have a solid grounding here on Earth. "Exploring the common place and the cosmic" (Sarah Martin, Turner Contemporary), this commission will give everyone the chance to reach for the stars.


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