Digital Marketing Exhibitions 2017 Calendar

November 2017 Digital Marketing and SEO Exhibition Dates

Dates Event Name Location Price* Category
Nov 12-15 UnGagged Las Vegas  NV, Las Vegas $$$ SEO
UnGagged LasVegas discount code: MARKETINGTERMS15 for 15% off
Nov 13-17 Social Media Week: Chicago IL, Chicago $$ Social
Nov 13-15 DX Summit of 2017 IL, Chicago $$$ Digital
Nov 13-15 Digiday Programmatic Media Summit LA, New Orleans $$$$$ Advertising
Nov 14-15 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit US NY, New York $$$$$ Digital
Nov 14 WAVE 2017: Influencer Marketing Summit London, UK ££ Digital
Nov 14-15 eMetrics Summit Milan Milan, Italy Analytics
Nov 15-16 Internet Summit 2017 NC, Raleigh-Durham $ Digital
Nov 15-16 Ad Age Next 2017 NY, New York $$$$ Digital
Nov 15-16 Intrigue Summit: Hong Kong Hong Kong HK$ Digital
Nov 16 The Brand Safety Summit NY, New York $$ Advertising
Nov 16 Advanced Email Marketing Conference London, UK ££ Email
Nov 16 MarTech Festival London, UK ££ MarTech
Nov 16 ad:tech Auckland NZ Auckland, New Zealand NZ$ Advertising
Nov 17-19 Conversion Hotel 2017 Texel, Netherlands €€ Conversion
Nov 21 Integrated Live | The Modern Marketing Show London, UK £ Digital
Nov 22-23 Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit: Beijing Beijing, China $$ Digital
Nov 23 Social Media Results for PR & Comms London, UK ££ Social
Nov 23 Insurance Marketing & Digital Innovations Conference London, UK ££ Industry
Nov 23-24 Digital Marketing Innovation Summit: Sydney Sydney, Australia A$$$ Digital
Nov 27-29 B2B Online Europe 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands €€€€ Retail
Nov 29-30 The Open Mobile Summit 2017 CA, San Francisco $$$$ Mobile
Open Mobile Summit discount code: 4860MRT200 for $200 off
Nov 29-30 ad:tech London London, UK £££ Advertising
Nov 30 TechSEO Boost MA, Boston free* SEO


December 2017 Digital Marketing and SEO Exhibition Dates


Dates Event Name Location Price* Category
Dec 3-6 Email Insider Summit UT, Park City $$$$$ Email
Dec 4-5 Digital Publishing Innovation Summit CA, San Francisco $$$ Publishing
Dec 4-5 Mobile Innovation Summit 2017 CA, San Francisco $$$ Mobile
Dec 4-6 CMO Digital Insight Summit CA, Newport Coast invitation Digital
Dec 5-6 Digital Summit Dallas TX, Dallas $$ Digital
Dec 5-7 Digiday Marketing Summit Nassau, Bahamas $$$$$ Brands
Dec 6 Next Case Rishon LeZion, Israel Digital
Next Case discount code: marketingterms10 for 10% off
Dec 6-7 Growth Marketing Conference CA, San Francisco $$$$ Digital
Dec 6-7 Affiliate World Asia Bangkok, Thailand Affiliate
Dec 6-8 Advocamp CA, San Francisco $$$ Digital
Dec 6-9 MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit UT, Park City $$$$$ Search
Dec 8-9 Social Fresh 2017 FL, Orlando $$$ Social
Dec 9-10 SEO Sheffield Sheffield, UK £££ SEO
Dec 11-12 Content Marketing Summit  NY, New York $$$ Content
Dec 12 Programmatic Punch NY NY, New York $$ Advertising
Dec 12 Video Trend For 2018 Conference Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Advertising
Dec 13-14 Search Camp 2017 Bognor Regis, UK £ Search
Dec 14 World Forum Disrupt: DigiStrategy ’17 London, UK £ D


As you can see, there is still some great events left for the latter part of 2017. Keep a close eye out for our full 2018 listings guide coming soon.

SEO conferences like Ungagged or the Growth Marketing Conference are an immense opportunity to learn a lot about advanced SEO techniques as well as other cutting edge Digital Marketing methods. These can be used in harmony with an exhibition for your business promotional methods. But it takes a lot of skill and knowledge, it is by far the best idea to use an exhibition planning agency and a separate SEO agency to leverage the power of these two mediums to their maximum potential.

But why you may be thinking? It is going to be very expensive, surely our in house ‘web guy’ Bazza can do it all?

Hmm, let’s see. Digital Marketing is a very complex sphere and has evolved to numerous different specialties including PPC, Facebook ads, Link building specialists, Outreach experts,  Organic search, Local search, Conversion Rate Optimisation, On Page Specialists to name a few.

It is not in a businesses best interest to try and compete against people who have been doing one or more of these specialties for years on a  full time basis. 10 years ago, the industry was much newer, your local flower business would rank no problem with a little work by the local guy. Not the case any more, the huge industry of Digital Marketing is rightfully big business and highly competitive by virtue of the fact that ranking high can mean huge amounts of business for many companies.

The Tie in with Digital Marketing and Touch and Feel Marketing

The two areas naturally compliment each other. You can use a strong digital presence and strategy to drive both customers and businesses to an exhibition if you are running one. Alternatively if your an exhibitor you can use selfless self promotion in the Digital Sphere to drive people to your stand for a low spend per visitor.

A great way to drive visitors to an exhibition your running is Facebook ads targeting. This is a killer method for driving customers to local businesses and for driving visitors to your exhibition. Again, you will need to use a facebook advertising specialist not just some random web designer who has an old postcard in your local newsagent. This Digital business has got serious! and you need to use the right highly talented companies to compete effectively.

If you do, and you tackle both digital and touch and feel marketing together you will see huge results if it is done effectively.

Using a specialist for organising the exhibition is also vital. A well promoted (using digital as well as other media) exhibition run by a professional company who do that for a living is bound to generate far greater revenues for the organisers even after the additional costs have been accounted for.